Karen Hoyos, international speaker, personal coach to celebrities and companies with more than seventeen thousand graduates of her seminars; presents transformational coaching for leaders from around the world.

Karen’s prominent list of coaching clients and sales training clients includes Harvard University and the The New York Times.

The Advanced Transformational Coaching Mastery Certification Program by Karen Hoyos offers an intensive VIRTUAL training to manifest the vision of each participant’s Life Purpose where the leader will find all the steps from A to Z in one place, to achieve the edification and development necessary to build a transformational business and receive a unique certification in the coaching industry.

Upon completion of the program, each participant will receive certification from the Global Transformational Coaching Association; a division of Karen Hoyos International.


  • Advanced Transformational Coaching Techniques
  • Structure, design, logistics and content of high impact transformational seminars.
  • Coaching process and Channelling
  • Effective negotiations from essence vs. ego
  • Powerful one-on-one and on stage sales from the essence
  • How to build a successful transformational business
  • Development and scope of your ideal client, who is ready to receive your coaching
  • Original production of goods and services
  • Marketing, public relations and brand building, to make your coaching business a total measurable and sustainable success.
  • Alliances with other transformational leaders to create a collective vision that inspires them to join the manifestation of your life’s purpose.

90 days, 2 hour session per week

This seminar is By Application Only